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The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon

I heard an off-hand remark about this book on the NonCanonical Podcast referencing the beautiful art within. It was enough to spark my curiousity and seek out more information on the Internet. What I found immediately enticed me and as I had an Amazon gift certficate burning a hole in my Inbox, I ordered it rather promptly. I read about 20 pages a couple days ago, and then inhaled the rest of it this morning.

What a captivating book.

I won’t run on about the plot and details as such can easily be found by clicking the link above, but I will say that I found the art breathtaking and the story utterly compelling. I think a good many of those who follow me here would find a lot in this book that speaks to them, and I will recommend it highly to anyone with even a passing interest.

Glyn Dillon has just shot into my list of favourite cartoonists and I anxiously look forward to future work and may seek out some older. Additionally, he will be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this spring, so I’m seriously considering trying to get out to it.

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    So excited to see him at TCAF! This book is just amazing.
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